1852 – The acquisition of the plots

1841lgThe land on which our gardens are laid out and the houses backing on built is acquired in 1852 by one Richard Roy. Richard Roy has already developed other parts of the estate, laid out “pleasure grounds”, sometimes called “paddocks”, and set up similar trusts for their management. He had already leased building plots in Ladbroke Gardens and sold the freehold of plots in Arundel Gardens, south side, then known as Lansdowne Road Terrace, to William Wheeler, a building contractor responsible for much of the building on the Ladbroke Estate.

By 1858, what is now our communal garden is a wedge, churned up by the passage of horses and carts, with dumps of building supplies and builders’ debris between the building plots and houses in “carcass” (just the four walls, gaping black holes for windows, with luck, a roof), between Ladbroke Gardens and the separate development of Elgin Crescent, south side.

Ladbroke Square Gardens

Ladbroke Square Gardens is the large garden square with tennis courts which is bounded by Kensington Park Gardens to the north and Ladbroke Square to the south.

If you are enquiring about a key for Ladbroke Square Gardens please contact:

Mrs Sonja Knight – Membership Secretary
Ladbroke Square Gardens.
tel: 07717 477173

Latest information that we have is that new members have to live within 100 yards of the railings.

Private Parties

Parties of more than 25-30 people

A deposit of £100 is required, payable to “Arundel & Ladbroke Gardens”, and delivered to the secretary.  £50 will be returned if the above rules are adhered to. The remaining £50 is a contribution to the garden social fund.

Download the pdf of the rules and application form.  Please print two copies.

Parties of more than 100 people or with a contract marquee

A deposit of £1,000, of which £500 is refunded if there is no damage, is a required. Portaloos and catering equipment wider than the gate must be hoisted over the compost area, NEVER brought through the gates.

We prefer you to use the far lawn by the Ladbroke Grove Gate
If access to guests is by one of the garden gates, please place a minder by that gate to prevent unwanted guests.
Be considerate with loudspeakers. Live music is OK

Afternoon Parties to end by 10 pm
Evening Parties to end by 11 pm


  • Please take ALL your refuse to your own dustbins.
  • Do not leave ANY food or containers used for food overnight. These attract the foxes and rats.
  • The site should be cleared by 10 p.m. for afternoon parties and by 10 a.m. the following morning for evening parties.

Rules about litter and noise apply to overspill parties from residents’ homes.

Building Work

If you are planning to erect scaffolding at the rear of your property or to introduce building machinery into the gardens via one of the garden gates, you will need to obtain a permit – download  building permit.pdf here or obtain copies from the secretary, you will also be required to pay a deposit of £500 for scaffolding of which £100 is non-refundable or in the case of heavy machinery for building works a deposit of £1000 including £250 which is non-refundable.

You will need 2 copies of the permit, building permit.pdf one for yourself and one for the secretary,  and you might want to print a third copy to give to your contractor.
Please read the Agreed Procedure for access through the gardens included in the Permit document.

Please fill in the relevant details, and return all copies to the secretary to sign, together with a two cheques for payment plus deposit totalling £500, for scaffolding, or a minimum £1,000 for heavy machinery.

Please make cheques payable to Arundel & Ladbroke Gardens.  

Please also make sure that your contractor keeps the gates shut when he is not bringing in or taking out materials.   It is important to stress that quite apart from the security aspect to other residents there are often children playing in the gardens and their safety is of prime concern.

Building permit.pdf


Garden Keys

Access to this garden is for residents of Odd numbered houses on Arundel Gardens, including Arundel Court and all houses from 1 – 23 on Ladbroke Gardens only  (Not Ladbroke Square Gardens *).

To obtain a key you must bring with you:

  1. a current Council Tax bill as proof of residency and an ID. (Please make sure the previous owner has handed in their key, or contact the landlord/managing agents about this?)
  2. a deposit of £50, this will be refunded to you in full when you return the key.

In the interests of security only one key per household is allowed.

NB – If any resident loses their key, a replacement will only be available upon production of a police report and £50

The cost of a replacement key without a police report is £250

If any resident is found to have passed a key to someone not a resident on the garden and therefore not entitled to access, that key will have to be returned without refund and the resident will forfeit any future right to a key

This may seem harsh, but because they cannot be copied, the keys are expensive. We have to put the security of all the residents first.

A key to the gates for this garden: – Arundel & Ladbroke Gardens may be obtained by appointment only  from:

Caroline Nelson
31A Arundel Gardens   (please do not come knocking without calling first!)
020 7727 0451
email: keys@arundelladbrokegardens.co.uk

*Click here  for Ladbroke Square Gardens

The garden gate locks on both gates were changed on  14th October 2016
If you missed the change over and need to get a new key please email keys@arundelladbrokegardens.co.uk to arrange an appointment.    Please bring your current Council Tax bill to prove residency and return your old key.

NB*  If your key was issued before 2014
you will be required to pay an additional deposit of £25 to bring all the deposits in line with the current £50 rate.