Garden Keys

Access to this garden is for residents of Odd numbered houses on Arundel Gardens, including Arundel Court and all houses from 1 – 23 on Ladbroke Gardens only
(Not Ladbroke Square Gardens *)

A key to the gates for this garden: – Arundel and Ladbroke Gardens may be obtained by appointment from:

Caroline Nelson
31A Arundel Gardens
020 7727 0451

You must bring with you a current Council Tax bill as proof of residency and an ID. Please make sure the previous owner has handed in their key or contact the landlord/managing agents about this?

A deposit of £50 is required to obtain a garden key, this will be refunded to you in full when you return the key.

In the interests of security (preventing keys falling into the wrong hands) only one key per household is allowed.

If you lose your key you will only be able to get a replacement key on production of  a police report and £250.  This may seem harsh, but because they cannot be copied, the keys are expensive. We have to put the security of all the residents first.

*Click here Ladbroke Square Gardens