The Gardens

The Arundel and Ladbroke Gardens is a private garden adopted in 1953 under the Kensington Improvement Act of 1851.

The Act determined that houses lying within “the line of the square” would have access to the communal gardens.  In the case of Arundel and Ladbroke Gardens “the line of the square” refers only to the houses that directly back onto the gardens.

Properties opposite the gardens on the two side roads are considered to lie ou

tside “the line of the square”.  The committee regrets that it is not therefore able to offer access to residents of those houses or any that do not directly back onto the gardens.  pHowever visitors are welcome to join us on Open Garden Squares Days and as guests of residents (subject to the Bye-laws ).

Following the adoption of the gardens under the 1851 Act the Council collects the rate precept from the residents,  therefore only those households paying the precept are entitled to a key and to access the gardens.

This information applies only to the Arundel and Ladbroke Garden, other private garden squares may have other access criteria.


Garden Keys

Access to this garden is for residents of Odd numbered houses on Arundel Gardens and including Arundel Court and all houses from 1 – 23 on Ladbroke Gardens only (Not Ladbroke Square Gardens).


Ladbroke Square Gardens

Ladbroke Square Gardens is the large garden square with tennis courts which is bounded by Kensington Park Gardens to the north and Ladbroke Square to the south. We are NOT connected to Ladbroke Square Gardens!