The Garden Committee is comprised of residents of Arundel and Ladbroke Gardens and is responsible for the management of the garden. The committee decides how the garden should be managed and the income and expenditure necessary to do so as prescribed under the Kensington Improvement Act 1851 and Town Gardens Protection Act 1863. For general enquiries please email the committee at

Members of the committee 2024

The general rights and duties prescribed in the 1851 and 1863 Acts are listed below:

  • To hold regular meetings of the committee or sub-committee.
  • To make, amend and enforce bylaws for the proper regulation of the garden.
  • To set a budget for the expenditure on maintenance of the garden and to submit that budget to the RBKC.
  • To account for funds received from the RBKC and to ensure the garden funds are properly spent on the needs of the garden.
  • To regulate access to the garden and the issuing of keys to residents and others entitled to use the garden.
  • To ensure that the garden and everything in it complies with relevant health and safety law and guidelines. This particularly applies to trees in the garden.
  • To take out public liability insurance to protect themselves against claims brought by users of the garden.
  • To ensure regular inspection of trees and any other items in the garden likely to cause injury to users of the garden or damage to properties surrounding the garden.
  • To preserve the physical integrity of the garden and to protect it from encroachment and unauthorised used.