Garden History

Many thanks to Susan Lynn who has worked very hard to compile this history which spans the first 100 years of our communal garden.

Download the complete History.pdf (650kb) which contains more detail as well as all the images.

1937 – Inadequate Funds

Wage rises and reluctant rent payers mean less labour.  While the garden rent remained the same, wages had risen by around 70% since the war. The budget would …
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1938 – The War

At the beginning of September 1938 the Home Office instructed the borough council to dig exploratory trenches for shelters for the 12,000 people the police …
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1940 – Bombed

On 26 th September, 1940, between 1 and 1.15 am a incendiary bomb fell in the garden somewhere near 2 – 4 Ladbroke Gardens. Unfortunately, …
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